Start a cake decorating business from home

"Start A Cake Decorating Business From Home And Earn Money Straightaway"


7 good reasons why you should start a home cake decorating business today:

1) It is fast to set up. 85% of cake decorators start earning money even before their business is officially launched. With most other home businesses you have to wait much longer for the money to start rolling in.  
2) Starting a cake decorating business is extremely cheap. The average household already has most of what is needed to start a cake decorating business.
3) There is money in cakes. Each year in the UK alone people spend over 1.23 billion on cakes. In the USA the average wedding cake costs $658 and there are 2.2 million weddings every year. These figures are constantly increasing.
4) There are different markets for your skills. Which means that you don't have to achieve perfection before you start getting paid for your cakes.
5) Cake decorators who work from home make on average 3 to 7 times more money than cake decorators working in commercial bakeries.
6) There are ever increasing opportunities for the cake decorator to profit from new markets.

7) You will have the privilege to enjoy all the usual benefits associated with owning and running a business from home. You will be our own boss, you alone will decide how much you want to work and when, how much you want to earn, when to go on holiday and when to retire.


Can you think of a better way to make money from home? 



"Hi, For years I had been dreaming of fitting my work around life and not the other way round. I am sending you this email to thank you for showing me how to do it."



If you want to discover how to make money by selling your cakes, keep your eyes glued to this page.

You won’t find this information on the Web or anywhere else, and here’s why:
  • How to start your home cake decorating business is an innovative course created by experts who have successfully launched and operated cake businesses. They have overcome all the obstacles that any aspiring cake decorator has to face before becoming consistently profitable. They had made it the long and hard way so you don't have to!  

  • As you have probably already noticed the few available cake decorating business information sources are  vague and focus on irrelevant aspects of the cake decorating business. We focus exclusively on the business side of cake decorating which means that in our course you will find no recipes, no baking tips, no tool shopping lists and no pretty pictures!! Our course is about MAKING MONEY, not cakes.  

  • Most people who teach cake decorating business only do so part time. They are active cake decorators who do not want to reveal all the market secrets because they are scared of giving too much away to you and loose business as a consequence. Many experienced cake decorators openly believe that also you should learn the hard way. We don't!

  • We believe that there is no point in making the best cakes in the world if you don`t know how to sell them. Which means that our success can only be measured by the financial success of our customers, we are therefore fully determined to keep on growing around our customer's needs and therefore reveal to you all the existing cake decorating business secrets.


"I would like to thank you for your cake decorating business cd. It is well worth the money, it gives sound advice, I found it really excellent. Through the years I have bought other cake business courses which have proved just a waste of money, whilst yours is an excellent product, who has written it has done a superb job."



"I never thought my cakes were underpriced, I have now raised my prices by a healthy 30% and it does make a difference. The "Pricing your work" chapter alone is worth more than the cost of the entire course. Thank you!!"

J.D. Hill


How to start your home cake decorating business was created because there was absolutely no valuable information on how to start, run and grow a home cake decorating business. Aspiring cake decorators who set off searching for information ended up knowing little more than when they started.

Most cake decorating business "experts" seem to teach you how to make a cake or clean your kitchen, none teach you how to MAKE MONEY from your cakes. This means that if you want to become a professional cake decorator you have to go through the long and arduous trial and error process which is financially expensive and emotionally draining.

When people asked us for advice on cake decorating business we wished that there was a book or a course we could direct them to but there simply wasn't one. We always tried to help novice cake decorators the best we could by answering specific questions and offering tips and advice when they asked for it but we knew that this was not enough, many were asking the wrong questions and wasting too much time on unimportant issues.

Aspiring cake decorators needed much more. Having an answer to every question would definitely make their life easier but what they really needed were the answers to all the questions they never thought of asking.

How to start your home cake decorating business will teach you all you need to know therefore giving you a head start. It will save you 3 to 4 years of trial and error approach and all the money that this method would cost you.

  • You make fantastic cakes, everybody tells you so but you don't know how to turn your talent into a profitable business?

  • You might feel overwhelmed by the legal aspect of your business. What is all the paperwork about? don't you just want to make cakes and sell them?!

  • You have never run a business before and you think that you are not good enough to do so? 

  • Are you worried that your cakes are not good enough to sell and you have been waiting forever for your cake making skills to improve before launching your cake decorating business?

  • You have bought publications and searched the web for information on how to start a cake decorating business from home but after having paid you realised that you know little or nothing more than you did before.

  • Have you been running a cake decorating business for some time but you are not making as much money as you would like?

  • Have you been selling a few cakes and you think it is probably time to make a business out of it?

  • You want to start a cake decorating business but you are worried about how much it will cost you?


So, if you have been toying for some time with the idea of launching your cake decorating business from home. Our course will show you..... 

  • Exactly where to start

  • How to save time and money by avoiding the 7 classic mistakes that most novice cake decorators make.

  • How to recognise who your customers are, what do they want and how much are they willing to buy.

  • How to minimize your start up costs by getting a cheaper price.


You are delaying setting up your cake decorating business because you are unsure how to approach the paperwork issue. Our course will help you.......

  • Wiz through all the legal stuff. We have done it for you so that you don't have to waste endless hours gathering all the information.

  • Learn everything you need to know about: banks, insurance, premises, zoning and homeowner restrictions, health and safety, labelling and packaging, taxes, copyrighted material, trading standards and more.

  • Learn book keeping the fast and easy way.


....and what about all the even more boring stuff? We have taken care of that as well! You will find everything you need regarding.....

  • Different order forms

  • Order and security deposits

  • Cancellation policies

  • Alteration polices

  • Payment deadlines and methods

  • Delivery policies

  • Terms and conditions

  • Invoices and receipts

  • Hire forms and safety information forms


Are you still wandering if you and your cakes can become a successful business? We will show you how to.......

  • Sell your cakes also if your cake making skills are not perfect yet.

  • Exploit all the free market information available.

  • Systematically take business away from your competitors.

  • Get your supplies at the cheapest available price.

  • Get your suppliers to work for you.

  • Learn which business names can promote you and which will destroy you.

  • Discover everything that your portfolio needs to contain.

  • Turn your portfolio into a selling machine.

  • Price your work.

  • Sell more by charging more.

  • Protect your business.

  • Apply the most profitable advertising strategies.

  • Get in magazines and on TV for free.

  • Get your cakes in high street shop windows for free.

  • Create a network of business allies that will provide you with a constant stream of orders.

  • Find profitable business customers that will send customers queuing at your door. 

  • Get your portfolio online.

  • Spot new market trends so that you can exploit them before somebody else does.


With all this information you will be able to set up a profitable home cake decorating business in no time and save thousands in the process.

Discover the 10 most profitable opportunities that cake decorators ignore. So many cake decorators who focus exclusively on their cakes complain about not selling enough. Cake decorators already possess the skills, equipment and knowledge to expand into other under exploited markets.


"I've been struggling to get my home cookie business off the ground for over a year. Before giving up I thought I would give it a last shot by turning it into a cake business. Thanks to your cake decorating business CD I am now in profit for the first time."

Hillary Davis


365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Cake decorating for profit

We are so confident that our product is the best cake decorating business course available that we offer you a 365-day 100% no hassles, no questions asked full money-back guarantee!!

This means that you can take an entire year to study and use this business course.

We are confident that as soon as you start learning and applying our cake business strategies you will never want to send it back. But if for any reason this cake decorating business course does not live up to your expectations you just have to return the course and we will refund you the entire payment. Right up to the final day of the 365-day guarantee!

Most people who teach cake decorating business tend to keep all the precious information for themselves, they might tell you that they make $5000 a week but they will not explain you how they got there. This course reveals all the secrets the modern cake decorator needs to know to succeed in this field.

Cake decorating business course

How to start your home cake decorating business is available as an e-book on CD rom. You simply have to place the disk in your PC and the e-book will automatically start. The course is divided into 28 chapters made up of over 500 sub headings. We know that this amount of information might appear overwhelming at first but you don't have to read it all at once. The e-book is designed just like a website, all the sub headings are linked so that you can easily navigate through the book and skip straight to the subject of your choice.

Our course is available to buy now exclusively at marzipanworld at the price of 19.45 (29.00 US Dollars). FREE SHIPPING. You can pay with your credit card through worldpay's secure server after which the course will be mailed to you within 24 hours of receiving payment.

We look forward to hearing from you with your success story.


P.S. you need to sell less than one cake to cover the cost of this course and if for any reason you are not happy with it you have an entire year to return it and get a 100% refund

P.P.S. Though How to start your home cake decorating business is designed for the USA and UK cake decorating markets the same principles are applicable in other parts of the world. If for any reason this information does not seem to apply to the country in which you operate you can return the material for a full refund

If you have any questions you can visit our FAQ's page.

Please keep on writing your comments and success stories at We want to serve you better.


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