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"Do you think you can build a profitable cake decorating business?"


Just like in any other type of home business, every year cake decorating produces a large amount of victims. What is surprising is that all the cake decorators that go out of business don't even understand what went wrong in the first place. When you ask a failed cake decorator what made them give up the bitter answers you are likely to hear will sound something like this:  

"My cakes were super, there was nothing wrong with them it was just people that were stupid."  

"My cakes didn't sell because they were too good." whatever that means...  

"If there was a different government I would have made a fortune."  

"There is no more market for cakes."  

Do you know what all these remarks have in common other than being stupid and wrong?, they all blame something or someone else, the people, the government and the market. Rarely will you hear a cake decorator say "I failed because I was ignorant" because any person who figures out that they are the cause of the problem usually also finds a way of fixing it.  

There is a lot of ego involved in launching a new business especially with people who have never run or owned a business before and because cake decorating is a cheap, fast and relatively easy business to set up it attracts a lot of first time business owners. You do not need much experience to spot which wannabe cake decorators will make some money, which will make a lot and which will make absolutely nothing.  

Most cake decorators simply fail in business because they don't know what they are doing, they are victims of their own ignorance.  If you wanted to learn to fly an airplane, for example, you would probably find a flying school and get an instructor to teach you how to do it, you wouldn't jump on the first airplane and speed down the runway yelling "I'm an eggspurt!!!!" Yet when it comes to starting a business most people do just that, they think they know everything there is to know about running a business and after they crash they invent some silly excuse to explain why it failed.  

Below are just a few of the many real life examples of cake decorating business disasters, they might sound incredible to you but before you judge them too harshly try to see if you are making similar mistakes as well:  

Business 1: 6 months to come up with a perfect cake decorating business name and a logo to go with it but then run out of money. Cakes sold:0  

Business 2: A promotional party, 65 promotional t-shirts, 25 free cakes plus free drinks for the all party guests but then run out of money. Cakes sold: 0  

Business 3: 1 year and 2 months to come up with a perfect portfolio of 32 wedding cakes but run out of money in the process. Cakes sold: 0  

Business 4: 35 cake orders in the first 2 months, 33 of these were under priced they cost more to make than their selling price, run out of money in 2 months. Cakes sold: 35  

Business 5: 4 months to start up, 2 cakes sold in the following 3 months , than run out of money: Cakes sold 2  

These five cake decorating businesses above don't exist anymore, not 1 cake decorator out of the 5 realised what they were doing wrong.  

It is not uncommon for would be cake decorators to spend huge amounts of money on tools, equipment and furnishings they don't need, to spend time on low priority or totally irrelevant tasks, to reach quick and snap judgements on opinions or issues they don't know anything about and not spend a little money and time on researching how a cake decorating business can become profitable.  

So what are your alternatives?  

1) If you enjoy challenges you can go for the old fashion trial and error method. It is long, very expensive and you have statistically only one chance out of nine of succeeding.  

2) If you want to get a head start you can find out how to create a profitable cake decorating business by buying a book or if you find that too expensive you can befriend a successful cake decorator and get them to guide you through the entire process of setting up a cake decorating business.  

Which alternative will you choose?


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