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"I would like to thank you for your cake decorating business cd. It is well worth the money, it gives sound advice, I found it really excellent. Through the years I have bought other cake business courses which have proved just a waste of money, whilst yours is an excellent product, who has written it has done a superb job."



"I never thought my cakes were underpriced, I have now raised my prices by a healthy 30% and it does make a difference. The "Pricing your work" chapter alone is worth more than the cost of the entire course. Thank you!!"

J.D. Hill


"I've been struggling to get my home cookie business off the ground for over a year. Before giving up I thought I would give it a last shot by turning it into a cake business. Thanks to your cake decorating business CD I am now in profit for the first time."

Hillary Davis


"Hi, For years I had been dreaming of fitting my work around life and not the other way round. I am sending you this email to thank you for showing me how to do it."



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