Start a cake decorating business from home

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How to start your home cake decorating business is divided into 28 chapters covering over 500 subjects. Below you will find the main chapter list:



Cake decorating for profit

 Chapter 1: Why cake business?

Chapter 2: Cake decorating from home

Chapter 3 Going on your own

Chapter 4 Start here

 Chapter 5 Researching the market

Chapter 6 What is the market?

Chapter 7 Who are the customers?

 Chapter 8 Who is the competition?

 Chapter 9 Who are the suppliers?

 Chapter 10 Calculating start up costs

Chapter 11 Writing the business plan

 Chapter 12 Getting legal

Chapter 13 Rules and regulations UK

 Chapter 14 Rules and regulations USA

 Chapter 15 Book keeping

 Chapter 16 Calculating running costs

 Chapter 17 Choosing a business name

 Chapter 18 Creating a portfolio

 Chapter 19 Pricing your work

 Chapter 20 Money matters

 Chapter 21 Designing your forms

 Chapter 22 Cake selling basics

Chapter 23 Cake selling strategies

Chapter 24 Getting online

Chapter 25 Protecting your business

Chapter 26 Organising yourself

Chapter 27 Monitoring your results

Chapter 28 Expanding your business


How to start your home cake decorating business



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