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Wedding cake business seasonality


If you are involved in the wedding cake decorating business your work is likely to be affected to some degree by seasonality, different months mean different order volumes. If you are well organised you should be able to handle a huge amount of work and not turn down any orders during the busy season and you should be able to generate enough cash reserves to get your business through the quieter times of the year.    

Percentage of weddings per month:  

January 5.5%

February 5.7%

March 6.1%

April 6.5%

May 9.2%

June 11.5%

July 9.6 %

August 12.6%

September 9.5%

October 7.8%

November 7.6%

December 8.4%    

Order volume is not the only seasonal variation that the wedding cake decorator has to take into consideration, wedding cake requests change as well. To increase your order volume you need to be flexible and be able to offer a choice of different themes, colors and decorations. The lists below shows some dominant seasonal trends.  

Flowers for each month:  

January Carnation, Snowdrop

February Violet, Primrose

March Daffodil

April Daisy, Sweet Pea

May Lily of the valley

June Rose

July Water Lily

August Poppy, Gladiola

September Morning Glory

October Calendula

November Chrysanthemum

December Narcissus  

Jewels for each month:  

January Garnet (Deep red)

February Amethyst (Purple)

March Aquamarine (Pale blue)

April Diamond (Clear)

May Emerald (Green)

June Pearl (White)

July Ruby (Red)

August Sardonyx / Peridot (Pale green)

September Sapphire (Deep blue)

October Opal (Pink)

November Topaz (Yellow)

December Turquoise (Blue)  

Many people celebrate wedding anniversaries and not surprisingly several cake decorators take advantage of this. Anniversary cakes are usually not as sophisticated or intricate as wedding cakes, this gives the less experienced cake decorator an opportunity to come up with a good cake design and profit from it.  

Wedding anniversary themes:  

1st Paper

2nd Cotton

3rd Leather

4th Books

5th Wood

6th Iron

7th Wool

8th Bronze

9th Cooper

10th Tin

11th Steel

12th Silk

13th Lace

14th Ivory

15th Crystal

20th China

25th Silver

30th Pearl

35th Coral

40th Ruby

45th Sapphire

50th Gold

55th Emerald

60th Diamond


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