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"What do potential customers ask you the most?"


We are living in the age of mistrust where everybody is scared of being ripped off!
Cake decorators, like anybody else who is selling a product or service, have to gain the confidence of suspicious would be customers. People will test you to make sure that you are the genuine professional that you claim to be and they usually do so by bombarding you with all sorts of questions.
Clear and accurate answers are essential to make a good first impression. If you know in advance what they are most likely to ask, you will greatly increase your chances of closing a sale.
We asked 65 professional cake decorators "What do potential customers ask you the most?" Here are the top forty questions that keep on popping up:


1) How long in advance do I have to order?

2) Can I have a discount?

3) Do you have a portfolio of your cake designs?

4) Can I taste a sample before I buy the cake?

5) Can you do a custom design?

6) Can I pay by credit card?

7) Does the price of the cake include the decorations?

8) How long does the cake stay fresh?

9) Do you have any references?

10) Can the cake designs in your portfolio be modified?

11) Does making alterations to a cake cost extra?

12) Do I have to rent extra items?

13) Is the deposit for the items fixed or returnable?

14) Do you have a price list?

15) Do I have to pick up the cake myself?

16) Do I have to pay for delivery separately?

17) If I pick up the cake myself will you deduct the delivery fee?

18) Are your cakes gluten free?

19) How much deposit do I have to leave?

20) How do I store the cake?

21) How do I arrange the cutting of the cake?

22) How do I pay for the cake?

23) Are your cakes suitable for vegetarians?

24) How much cake do you think I need?

25) How far in advance do you bake the cake?

26) Are your cakes kosher approved?

27) If I want to have fresh flowers on my cake do I have to arrange it with the florist myself?

28) Do you sell character cakes?

29) Can you make a cake like the one in this photo?

30) Is the cake priced by weight?

31) How do I return the rented items?

32) Do you make your own decorations?

33) Do I have to set up the cake myself?

34) Will I have to pay extra if I decide to make alterations to the cake after I have already ordered it?

35) Can I pay by cheque?

36) When do you need to receive full payment by?

37) Does it cost extra to have a cake made on short notice?

38) If I change my mind will I get my initial cake deposit back?

39) Can I buy your cake without any decorations on?

40) Can you alter the colour of the cake to match my party theme?


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